Feeling grateful you're not a miner

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When the last of the 33 trapped miners was brought safely to the surface, we all cheered.

And yet, my guess is that throughout the world there was also a secret gratitude for not having been one of the miners or a member of their families.

And if you’re just getting started with a gratitude list, that’s an okay beginning.

My sister was driving from New York to Pennsylvania in the rain today, and the traffic got really bad. As they inched forward, they found out the reason: a car accident. No one was hurt, luckily, although two cars were damaged from a collision. My first thought when she sent me a text about it was: I’m so glad my sister wasn’t in the accident.

If you see on the news that someone has been murdered, you might instantly be immensely grateful that it didn’t happen to someone you know.

I think this is a natural tendency: we see accidents and horrors and our first thought is about the people who are close to us — family and friends. We feel washed with a sense of gratitude that if it had to happen, at least it didn’t happen to someone we know.

Sometimes when you’re stressed out, a quick trick to can give yourself relief from the anxiety and tension is to assess what’s going on in your life and the lives of your loved ones, and realize that not only could things be a whole lot worse, but you really should be grateful for all you’ve got.

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