Dump Your Money Stress

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Dump Your Money Stress
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There are two things I’ll say up front about “money stress”– 1) if you’ve got it, you’re inadvertently pushing money away from you, and 2) if you’re a parent, you’re teaching your children (by example) that struggles around finances are a big headache they can look forward to experiencing when they grow up.

So let’s bust the most commonly held ideas about money wide open, and by doing so, relieve that stranglehold that the topic has on your emotions.

Monster Myths about You and Money

  • You have to either be lucky or work really hard to have enough money
  • It’s the economy
  • There’s always more month left than money
  • Some people are good at making money–they were born that way
  • Everybody worries about money–it’s just the nature of the subject
  • I have to warn my kids to be thrifty and careful with their funds
  • I don’t have money because I keep getting passed over for a promotion
  • It’s impossible to have more money than bills, because something always comes up unexpectedly
  • And also…. [add your own–probably ideas come to mind that you’ve heard all your life in your family]

The Truth about Money

Money is energy.  That’s all it is. It’s a way we exchange energy so we have something to purchase other things in life to enhance our experience here.

We get ourselves so worked up about money that we stress over, worry about running out, fret over ways to make more of it…and all of that mental activity perpetuates the problem of lack.  By the unfailing law of attraction, when our focus is on bills, debt, worrying about not having enough, complaining we don’t have all we want…we attract more of the same!  More bills, more money problems, more financial woe.

So what’s the solution?  Learn how to notice what you are paying attention to throughout the day. If you are worrying about money (and by extension, teaching your children that money-worry-habit, too) just pause for a moment. Breathe in a few calming breaths. Ask yourself what you would love to experience about money instead of that ongoing worry and stress.  Delight? Relief? Enough-ness? Sufficiency to meet and exceed your needs and desires?

Take a few moments now to imagine how it would feel to never worry again about money.

It would feel amazing, wouldn’t it? There is an unlimited supply of money, no matter what you might hear in the news or even learned in an economics class. This is a universe of expansion and abundance. When we get our thoughts in alignment with abundance, then we start sending out an “energy signal” that is in harmony with ample money.  And when we do that, the law of attraction will line you up with the money you desire and it will flow into your life.

The “trick” that most people miss (and get discouraged and frustrated about) is that when you are feeling upset about money, it cannot come to you.  It’s as if you are on the third floor at the mall, and what you want is on the fifth floor, but you just keep complaining that you wish it would come to you.  With that example, we know, of course, that we have to go up to the fifth floor where that merchandise or service is located. Our daily experiences have taught us that sort of behavior again and again. But when it comes to shifting our mental behavior, we tend to fall in line with the “paradigm” (habitual thoughts and beliefs) that we learned from our own parents, teachers and friends. We complain, we fret, we point to a stack of bills and tell a story that justifies the validity of our worry.  But the universal Mind can’t “read” the positive affirmations about money that you recite morning and evening–your signal is vibratory, and it’s what you are truly thinking and believing about your relationship with money.

Start keeping T.A.B.S. on your money thinking habits — that’s an acronym from my book YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen. It stands for Tell A Better Story.  Instead of telling your stale old story about bills, and prices going up, inflation, on and on the same old soap opera revolving around you and money, why not hit the “Refresh” button and tell a story of enjoying financial freedom!

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