Does This Squirrel Have Something You Lost?

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While you watch the video below, ponder this question: here we are on the last day of January and have you consistently moved toward achieving the resolutions you made on January First??? Or did you lose your motivation (which the squirrel in the video demonstrates plenty of!) in the mistaken belief that keeping a resolution only requires will power?

What’s wrong with “will power”? Isn’t that what keeps us going toward our goals? Don’t you need will power to quit cigarettes or stay on a diet or keep a commitment to going to the gym regularly, or to be a more loving parent or spouse?

Will power is fine to get you off the ground. But the problem is that it is short-lived. What you really need is to learn how to tap into the massive power of the universal mind and access the true power of your own “Will” rather than the relatively weak “will power” most of us grew up learning how to use.

Be aware that the squirrel in the video did not wander past that yard one day, see the entire “Rube Goldberg” style contraption the humans had erected, hop on board the starting point and make its way easily toward the goal line and the reward. The humans set up one stage at a time, and each time the squirrel got a reward for getting that far. Slowly but surely, over the course of two weeks, the contraption grew and grew, and the clever squirrel raced on to the reward even though it was now further away. Set up incremental rewards for yourself to help yourself stay motivated! Don’t make the mistake of saying to yourself “This is the year I will be successful! No matter what” and then because you have not set up a series of goals to achieve, the dream seems far too difficult and impossible to achieve, so you give up almost right away. Learn more on goal achieving…

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