Do you own your feelings?

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Quick question: how many times do you deny what you are really feeling?

Do you often disclaim a feeling because you have an old message in your head that it’s “wrong” or “bad” to feel angry, upset, disappointed or resentful?

The stress of not being true to yourself adds to the burden of the negative emotion and makes you feel even worse than you did before. A fast way to get stress relief in almost any situation is to honestly acknowledge your feelings. Now, that’s not the same as Acting Out your feelings.  The woman in this photo is clearly angry, and in the mood to punch someone’s lights out.

But what if this was a video and the camera now moved around to show she was in an exercise class, learning a new routine? It puts a whole different meaning on her facial expression and body stance, doesn’t it?

In fact, exercise is a great stress reducer because kicking, punching, running, jumping and other physical movements serve to release the build up of adrenaline and other stress hormones that otherwise stay in our system and can cause our health to be undermined.

When you own your feelings in a healthy way, you can first work off your steam, then think through what you would like to say to someone, approach them honestly and say what you need to say in a positive way rather than being destructive.  Unleashed anger destroys. Focused anger can motivate you to set healthy boundaries, to speak up about an issue that is important to you, to defend someone who cannot speak for themselves.

Use your emotions. They are tools, but need to be used the right way. For example, you would not try to hammer a nail by using the wooden handle of the hammer to strike the nail. It is far more effective if you use the hammer head and hit that nail squarely on the head at a forceful angle to drive it into the wall.

Anger, resentment and other feelings that we often call “bad feelings” are useful tools to help us see what is actually going on in our thoughts.

Own your feelings, and use them properly while staying centered in your desire to grow spiritually and emotionally.

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