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Happy New Year! Do you hear yourself starting to make a whole bunch of impossible resolutions for 2010? Stop it right now! My advice: no New Year’s resolutions! Why not? Because they set you up for failure. In general, most of the resolutions we make are of a grandiose variety such as “I’ll get rich for sure,” “I’ll get a better job,” “I’ll finally lose weight and get in shape,” “I’ll find the perfect romance.”

Without breaking down each goal into logical steps you can take, it’s far too easy to flounder and feel hopelessly inadequate when things don’t magically happen for you.

As my friend Alex Mandossian says, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” So be sure to break down what you want for the year ahead into do-able steps.

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Wishing you success, prosperity and happiness in the New Year.
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