Do frustrations get you down?

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We all have bad days, where nothing seems to go right. Whether it’s a computer project that won’t come together, a nonstop barrage of crises at home, or some other upset, everybody ends up having times when they want to scream in sheer frustration.

It’s not fair!  Why me!  Everything’s going wrong!

Usually by the next day, you’re back on track and things are okay. But what happens when it feels like every day is like this? Your level of frustration has reached mammoth proportions and nothing feels like it will ever be good again.

Here’s how to break that downward spiral and get back on an upward path:

  • Take time to relax, right now. No matter how busy you are, spending 10 minutes on stretching and breathing calmly is not going to cause the world to explode. So do it. Now. Breathe… and relax your shoulders
  • Realize that your sense of humor has probably abandoned you somewhere along the way because you failed to nurture it.  Even though it may seem that everything in your life sucks, admit to yourself that the statement is not 100% true. Look for something to laugh about, and remind yourself not to take your own life too seriously.
  • Grab your sneakers or walking shoes and hit the trail — even if only for a fifteen minute walk around the block. Get moving. Get up and away from the problems that seem insurmountable. Do not think about them while you are walking. Let your senses take in all that surrounds you — become aware of peripheral vision and expand that to 180 degrees. Then stop and do a slow turn in a circle, taking in the full 360 degrees of the world that is around you. Notice the trees, the traffic, the people, the dogs, the flowers — whatever is in your line of sight: notice it!  Get your awareness out of your own head and that ever-spinning thought-cluster and become AWARE.
  • When you return to your tasks or work, make a commitment to do the most important thing first, and then move on to the next.
  • Refuse to let frustrations sour your mood for longer than a few minutes. Take action to get your work load under control, and take action to keep your stress level from skyrocketing.

your happiness guru,
Evelyn Brooks

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