Did You Install a Virus in Your Thinking Program?

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The fact that you’re reading an online blog gives me at least a little bit of information about you: you know how to use a computer, however rudimentary your skills or confidence level might be.  And since you use a computer, you’ve probably had windows and messages pop up now and then informing you that a certain software on your computer needs to be updated. We get used to these messages, and most of the time we simply accept the update, allow the installation to go on in the background while we keep working. Sometimes another message will pop up to let you know the update was successful. With some software programs, we’re asked to restart the computer to finalize the change.


That’s all routine, and most of us take these updates in stride because we already have the programs on our computer and we want to keep them working smoothly. What about when you want a new program, and you discover a free download online? What about the freeware that might tag along with that new download, and you don’t even realize you’ve got some pesky program running on your computer now that you don’t want and can’t figure out how to get rid of? Sometimes you might have to go online for instructions for uninstalling, or even get tech support if it’s a malicious download.


If you’ve been reading my blog or my books over the past years, I’m sure you realize I’ve set you up for an analogy.


What about all the times we are humming along, minding our own business, and get caught up in a conversation with friends or colleagues or neighbors and someone talks very strongly about how things should be done. Maybe they are vehement that this is a bad economy and your best bet is to watch your money, and be very careful not to risk any investments or even think of taking a vacation. Along with the conversation – a program that you thought was about socializing—here comes a virus: the unwanted advice to be scared, to worry, to be fearful.


If you don’t pay attention to how you feel as you go through life (and most of us were trained to totally ignore our feelings and look to outside conditions to decide if we’re happy or not), you won’t notice that you picked up a virus in your thinking. You’ll just find yourself nodding along, and agreeing that it’s a big worry of yours, too. And with that nodding, you inadvertently invite in even more virus programs to clutter your thinking and get things all balled up in your mind.


The solution: a virus cleanup program for your thoughts. Start by paying attention to the quality of thoughts you allow to flourish. If you focus on thoughts that evoke unhappy or scary feelings, those feelings end up leading you to make certain choices in life. Back to the virus about being scared you can’t make money, what if you decide to release that idea? How would it feel to be more in charge or your own thoughts and thus your life? The study of the laws of the mind leads us to make better decisions. And one of the first decisions is to choose who you hang out with. If you want to keep feeling fearful and worried about money, success and everything else important to you, then hang out with the complainers and worriers, and they’ll be happy to spread more viruses in your direction.


But if you’d like to experience joy and love and expansion and learn to attract prosperity into your life, there are plenty of people like me teaching you just how to do that.