How To Change A Bad Day Midstream

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I heard an ad on TV the other day while my back was turned doing kitchen chores, and a man’s voice said “There’s nothing worse than a dead battery.”  I glanced at the screen and was not surprised to see they were selling a product to jump start your car easily.  But what lingered in my mind was the thought that most if not all people could say, “That’s the worse thing? Oh, no, buddy, let me tell you about MY life!”  … and then rattle off a string of things far worse than a car battery that needs to be jumped.

If you are having that kind of day, what do you do? Do you simply feel stuck, waiting for something good to come along (represented in our example by the auto club or mechanic who would jump start your vehicle)?  If you’re tired of handling life that way, here’s some good news — you can start your day over, no matter what time it is.  Here’s how:

  1. Recognize that your feelings are spiraling downwards.  This takes conscious awareness of your thoughts and state of mind.
  2. Take a moment to calm yourself. Breathe slowly and deeply, counting your breaths a few times to help you focus on peace
  3. Decide what you would like to feel, and move yourself toward that feeling by thinking of something pleasant or enjoyable, or by doing something you like such as taking a quick walk, playing with your kids or pets, or enjoying a nature vista

Next time your day starts going “wrong” you’ll catch yourself faster, and know what to do.  Some people will say things like “Oh, my day started off bad and just got worse and worse as it went on!”  but that is really an attitude problem!  And since YOU are 100% in control of your own attitude, take a few moments and give yourself an Attitude Adjustment — that’s a good kind of tool to have in your tool box.

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

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