5 Ways to Develop Persistence

Have you ever had a big goal, something really juicy that you wanted so much you could almost taste it? And yet, no matter how much you wished for different results, you kept ending up falling short of what you really desired?

Plant a Healthy Dream Seed

We create our own luck! It’s a matter of attitude, and most of us were never taught the power of focusing on our goals with steadfast determination.

Your Dream World Summit Ends Tonight

Remember what it’s like to be a kid waiting for the circus to come to town? You think about it and plan for it in your head for weeks or even months. Then the circus comes… and soon it’s over. Well, I’ve been working for three months, 7 days a week, to create, organize and pull together all the elements of the first annual YOUR DREAM WORLD SUMMIT — dedicated to offering everyone a free online event where they could hear insight and inspiration from 22 mentors, authors, life coaches, gurus, and successful professionals in a wide range of fields. The category topics are dreams, time & money freedom, relationships, creative expression, and health (mind and body). Your one-stop telesummit for a wide range of information about how to live a life that you’ve been dreaming of for years, or perhaps your whole life!

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Be There Or Be Square – Your Dream World Summit

Register for free event all about you and the life you’d love to live www.yourdreamworldsummit.com

What Will You Do With 20 Seconds of Courage

sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage

Free Gift AffirmaJams Mp3 by Irene Boggs

The dominant conversation in our society is negative — all about lack, limitation, problems that are supposedly “too big” for us to solve (ain’t no such thing – the Universe is bigger than any problem you might have). AffirmaJams by Irene Boggs are affirmations with music and lyrics, so you can hum or sing along and actually be retraining your thinking at the same time!

The Day Brad Pitt Shook My Hand

We stopped by Brad’s house for a half hour