Free Teleclass–Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind

Free Teleclass–Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind

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Are you sick and tired of results like these…?

  • Not enough money
  • Too much emotional pain (grief, lingering sadness from divorce, family stress, etc.)
  • Not enough love in your existing relationships—or yearning to find your soulmate
  • Too much discontent with what you’ve got…and longing for something better

The class ended — please enjoy the recording:

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“Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind”

(And harvest a life you love!)


In This Teleclass, You’ll Gain a Better Understanding

That You Become What You THINK About!

You’ll learn how to:

  • “Plant” the right kinds of thought seeds
  • Nurture and tend those seeds
  • Identify the signs of sprouting and growth
  • Eliminate the “weeds” that will strangle your dreams
  • Spot infestations of “thought pests”

Harvest the abundance of prosperity, love, health, serenity, success and happiness you’ve been longing for!

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Be My Guest -- 1 Hour Abundance Teleclass

Teleclass:  "Plant Abundance in the Garden of Your Mind"

When:    Saturday October 18, 2014

Where:  on the phone

Time:     10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern

Duration:  1 hour

Your information will never be shared or sold.

Free Teleclass Escape from Hell of Grief and Loss

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The event is over —  enjoy the one-hour replay here as my gift to you:

If you feel like you’ve been gut-punched, I can relate to that. My life story includes loss and trauma that began at a very early age. I know what it’s like to feel like “Grief” is your middle name.

But I know the way out of that private hell, no matter what issues have led to your feeling so stuck and unhappy (even if you’ve gotten good at smiling on the outside to hide your pain).  It would be an honor and a privilege to help you get “unstuck” from the grief that is tearing you up inside.

If you answer “yes” to even one of these, you need to be on this call:

— you experienced a recent loss of a loved one

— you had losses in the past that are still quietly aching and silently bleeding

— you are newly divorced

— you’ve got lingering psychic pain from childhood trauma such as bullying, assault, loss

–you’re reeling from a loss of employment

— you’re trying to wrap your head around the serious illness that was diagnosed in yourself or someone you care about

— you feel that life is just too darn hard to keep going much longer, and you’re hanging on by your thumbs

I can help you reclaim your joy in life. Let’s talk.

PS If you are severely depressed, please call this 24/7 Hotline 1-800-273-8255

with love,


Stop Playing Chicken with Your Life–Online Seminar

Stop Playing Chicken with Your Life–Online Seminar

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[The free event is over–Sign Up for gifts in sidebar, and you’ll be notified of my next free webinar!

Stop Playing “Chicken” with Your Life

Free Online Seminar

SPECIAL Conference Call with Evelyn Brooks

Thousands of people have applied the secrets

you’ll discover on this free phone call

to create the life they’ve always wanted! 

Coaching Call: 75 minutes


Are you sick & tired of not getting results you LOVE?

You don’t have to keep struggling!

In This 75-Minute Free Seminar You’ll Discover:

  Baby Chick

Evelyn’s exclusive S.M.A.R.T. System — as revealed in her bestselling stress management book, Forget Your Troubles

Baby ChickHow to make 2014 RADICALLY BETTER  — I’ll teach you how to STOP settling for less!

Baby ChickThe  right way to use 2 powerful manifestation technologies (that most people use wrong!)

Baby ChickHow to avoid the typical downward spiral of New Year’s Resolutions

Baby ChickHow to start living your life by deliberate creation instead of by default

Baby ChickAn amazing and easy “visioneering” technique anyone can learn and benefit from

Baby ChickA special offer to provide you with the support, system and structure that successful people need

Baby ChickThe 5 key questions to ask about your dream for 2014 — without the right answers, you’re at risk!

Baby Chick3 simple things you can start doing now to get on the path toward love, prosperity and happiness

Baby Chick How to write a comprehensive and balanced Vision Statement for your life so that you can enjoy HOLISTIC SUCCESS, not just success in one area of your life

When you register, you’ll not only get the “Release Your Inner Power” program to start enjoying immediately, you’ll also get a downloadable form to use during the workshop to create your personalized VISION for what you would love to experience in 2014 and beyond.  

In the email that confirms your registration, you’ll find a link for the PDF form called “My Vision Statement” — it’s one page to print out and fill in during the workshop with me, so you’ll have a tangible reminder of what you want to deliberately create in the coming year. It’s a powerful tool and I urge you to take advantage of it!

 NOTE: you MUST register for the call, because only people on the registration list will be given the access number and code for the phone conference at Instant Teleseminar. You can dial in or enjoy the conference on your computer. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early because there is limited ‘seating’ and you won’t want to miss this seminar!

I hope to “see” you at the online seminar!  

with love,





Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache

Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache

[This complimentary coaching call is over, but please register for your gifts in the box at the right, and you’ll be on the list to receive announcements of upcoming free webinars and teleconference calls!]

It’s easy to get “stuck” in heartache, and not know the way out.

Maybe it’s an old lingering pain about a relationship that you are still sad about, or a friend or loved one’s passing.  Sometimes it can be a vague sense of sadness or discouragement that life is just too hard to bear.

I can help you with this!

You might have hesitated to try transformational life coaching such as I offer, because you feel that you won’t be able to concentrate because of all the confused thoughts caused by your broken heart.

So… here’s a quick step in the right direction:  sign up now for my no-charge 1-hour coaching call. I’ll give you three steps you can start taking right now to ease your pain, and for those who are ready to keep going and learn how to really master your old heartache so you can move forward, I’ll offer an opportunity to study with me for an intensive 4-week online coaching program.

During the free conference call on Friday, you’ll have an opportunity to ask a coaching question, and I’ll answer as many as the time allows!

“Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache”

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: no charge

Free Replay Available:  YES!


Lighten Up and Release Your Inner Power–Global Teleclass Tonight!



my future

How would you like 2013 to be the year you finally put to rest all the “junk” that’s been on your back year after year, so that you can move ahead with ease and all the power you need to achieve your goals? Register now for the free one-hour training I’m doing tonight at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern at Global Teleclass

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the one-hour free training session…

Teleclass Description:

Ever wish someone would swoop in and transform your results in romance, family relationships, the work you’re doing at home and in the world, and the amount of money freedom and fun you have?

Evelyn would like to help you start off the New Year with shiny new techniques for your Life Toolbox to replace the rusty tools you’ve been using out of habit: the Complaining Chisel, the Worrying Wrench, the Shifting-Blame Screwdriver, the Regrets Ratchet, the Heartache Hammer and the Dream-Destroying Drill.

During this class, you’ll enjoy playing five games that invite you to:

 Lighten up and stop dragging around that old ball-and-chain of worry and indecision that holds you back from a full, rich and satisfying life

 Learn how to shift your mood from sad to happy in twelve seconds or less  as you say the right kind of farewell to the year that just ended and then welcome the new year with a clear mind and heart

 Forgive yourself and others, no matter how long you’ve been holding a grudge, resentment or shame mentality

 Stop mirroring the upset you feel inside over all the things you don’t want in your life, and access the hidden power of your energy tractor-beam to manifest what you do want
 Generate all the energy you need to bring your biggest dreams down from those castles in the sky and into the life you are experiencing

…and much, much more

Once you register, you’ll be emailed the number to call and the pin code to access my conference line tonight.  Sign up even if you cannot attend the live event tonight — because that way you’ll be emailed a link for the replay! And it is also going to be available at no charge to you.

This is my special Happy New Year offer to you, to help you start manifesting the results you want to see. I hope you’ll join the hundreds of people who’ve already signed up. Here’s that link again, to register for free access to the coaching tonight:  Global Teleclass

all the best,


PS Here’s the link to my 28-day e-course “Healing Your Broken Dreams” 


Register for Holiday Stressbuster Webcast on Dec 3


 It’s that time of year…

when everybody has the same happy little comment on their lips:

“It’s the holidays ALREADY???!!!!! Where the bleep did the whole year go?! December comes faster every year!”

Before you get caught up in the whirlwind of holiday shopping, decorating and travel plans… give yourself a break and join me for about an hour…

Monday December 3 at 5:00pm Pacific/ 8:00pm Eastern

for a free webcast

(the REPLAY will be available afterwards, if you can’t make it for the live call)

Free Teleclass:  “Use the Power of ‘YES’ To Manage Your Holiday Stress”

Register now to get access to the webcast link — you can listen on your computer or dial in on your phone and listen on-the-go. There are no slides, so you won’t miss anything by dialing in!

The access info will be emailed to you promptly. Sign up here for the free teleseminar:

Enter Your Name:
Enter Your Best e-Mail:

Take a step towards being stress-free

Keep your focus on your goals, and enjoy the journey up.

Coping with stress

Realize that all of us are here for a purpose — to love, to serve, to learn.

Ask your questions – next free teleclass 4/21 11am PDT

It’s time to ask me how to be happy and stress-free. Go to right now.

Free teleseminar today 11amPDT

Teleseminar starts soon – don’t miss it! 11am PDT Free call