Comfort for Newtown Families and Those Who Care [Podcast 006]

The shootings in Newtown, CT last Friday are on the minds of many people, and I know that as we watch the news even from afar, all of us are affected by the tragedy.

Please listen to my special podcast that offers comfort and stress relief for everyone in Newtown as well as those who care deeply about this event, and would like to know how to start making some sense out of what really appears to be “sense-less” in nature.

wishing you all the best and Happy Holidays as well,


End Your World on 12-12-12 at 12:12 [Podcast 005]

You are invited… to END the world as you know it… and begin creating the one you truly want to live in. Here’s how to get started:

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Find out WHY you should be interested in the 12-12-12 happenings — and what you can do to make it shake up your own world in a great way!



Who Wants More Abundance? [Podcast #003]

Would you like more abundance in your life? What would that look like to you? How would it feel? Do you want more love, more money, more happiness?

Whatever you have in mind, if you desire it, then you CAN acquire it.

The problem for most of us comes in between our ears… that’s right: our thinking messes things up. We make it all far more complicated than necessary because in general we never learned out to think! We learned how to solve problems in school. We learned how to memorize facts, figures and dates, and then repeat the correct answer on exams to move up to the next level of study.

But when it comes to our thinking, particularly around money, most of us have a lot of garbage messing up our results.

Learn some quick ways to shake up your limiting beliefs in this episode of my free iTunes podcast series “The Evelyn Brooks Born to Triumph Show”

I hope you enjoy this! I created it just for you, to help you get past the stumbling blocks and start enjoying more abundance in your life.

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Stress Relief for Sandy Victims [Podcast #002]

Free teleclass to help victims of Hurricane Sandy (aka Tropical Storm Sandy) start recovering emotionally from all the stress, anxiety and devastation they’ve experienced. By the way, you can register on this page for the GIFT PACKAGE I promised during the teleclass – I had originally planned to have a special registration page for people to sign in for the free class, but decided right after recording it that I would make it a no-optin class! SO if you do want the stress reduction gifts, please sign in below and you’ll get the link right away.

Please help me spread the word so I can help thousands of people reduce the stress they’re going through.

This is for ANYONE who is going through a storm in your life — an exterior storm that has caused havoc and destruction in your life — or a storm of your heart such as divorce, a medical challenge, the loss of a loved one or any other catastrophe that you need help healing from

There are 2 ways to listen to the “Stress Relief for Sandy Victims” teleclass:

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In my radio podcast show, the topics will be different in each episode, but the one thing they will always have in common is that I’ll be helping YOU start living your greatness in every area of your life – personal growth, relationships, attracting love, health, wealth, success and happiness!

Here are the points I cover in the 1-hour teleclass “Stress Relief for Sandy Victims”:

  • Quick way to start celebrating your life again
  • How to let go of the stress, anxiety and panic you are feeling (first thing: learn how to breathe in a way that calms your nervous system instead of agitating it even more)
  • A new kind of gratitude list — designed for people who feel they have lost everything important to them
  • “Visioneering” mini-workshop — I take you through an exercise to learn how to envision the life you’d love to be enjoying six months from now, in all areas: relationships, health, home, career or vocation, and money freedom.

In the class, I also offer a special 50% discount code on my 28-day ecourse “Healing Your Broken Dreams” — the coupon expires 12/31/12. I hope everyone who needs help handling any kind of devastation in their life will take advantage of this special offer.

Register here if you want to receive Instant Free Access to the stress relief gift package I promised during the teleclass:

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