New Book: Six Secrets for a No-Fault Marriage

New Book: Six Secrets for a No-Fault Marriage

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Do you wish your marriage could be more loving and fulfilling? Are you single and wish you could attract a new marriage or loving relationship into your life? We attract to us what we magnetize in our thoughts–and this little-known secret is the key to having happy relationships and a thriving romance. In this condensed book you’ll learn SIX SECRETS to creating and enjoying a wonderful marriage or partnership with your beloved. This book will also help you learn how to prepare yourself to better understand the dynamics of intimacy so you can attract the soulmate you are yearning for.  BONUS GIFT: readers of the book get access to a special collection of harmonious MP3 music. You can stream the music from your device or download the album–there are 10 MP3 tracks and all are soft instrumental melodies.  I suggest you play the music as a soothing background while you expand on the process of stabilizing your marriage…and then growing it into a joyful relationship. Get the book exclusively on Amazon: CLICK HERE


I wrote this book to help you not only learn from my own mistakes and life lessons when it comes to romantic relationships, but to share the laws of the mind that I now understand could have helped me back then. Most of us plow our way through relationships with little or no information about how to actually create lasting love and trust.


Read this book in about 90 minutes, and start creating change in your life right away! I deliberately made the book a condensed read so you won’t find a lot of stories or analogies. I wanted you to be able to jump right in, grab the information and a new understanding, and begin at once to attract more love and harmony into your relationship.


Does it have to take years of painful confrontations to discuss what is wrong with your marriage and set about with grim determination to fix it? Only if you believe it takes years! What if you could resolve the issues that are causing blockage, strife and pain in your relationship – starting tonight?


You CAN have the ability to radically transform your marriage and your entire life when you learn the secrets to taking quantum leaps. Stop trying hard to make things work between you, and start allowing the power of your desired outcome to pull you effortlessly into a more joyful and harmonious relationship.


In this volume of the “Born to Triumph — Start Living Your Greatness” rapid results book series, you’ll shortcut all the old ideas for “fixing” what is wrong in your relationship and create a new environment with your spouse that allows love and joy to flourish. By the way, this volume is dedicated to my mentor and teacher, the incomparable Bob Proctor.


Get started now, while you’re ordering the book, and state your intention to heal your marriage or to get ready for your soulmate if you are single: “I release the past to the past, I allow pain and dissension to float away like dark smoke, and I create all the love and joy I want to experience NOW in my life!”  Get the book exclusively on Amazon: CLICK HERE

How to Stop Stressing over Money

How to Stop Stressing over Money

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I took an informal survey to find out what most people are stressed about these days–and it’s no surprise to me that the #1 answer is MONEY! Small business owners worry how they are going to meet payroll and vendor bills, parents worry how they will afford their kids’ education or their own retirement, entrepreneurs worry how they will replace their previous income while building their new business, and everybody seems to be worrying how to enjoy life when they can’t seem to reach their money goals. 

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Chronic stress affects everything in your life: your relationships, your job satisfaction, your health, and your sense of personal fulfillment. It’s important to find ways to get your stress level down to a manageable level, but usually when someone is filled with anxiety, and the bills are piling up, it can be hard to consider that relief could be just a thought away. However, that is true, and the reason is that we become what we think about. The more you think about your money worries, the more worries will flood to you, because they are in harmony with whatever your focus of attention is, and you attract more of the same.

There’s a way out, and it’s a simple three-step process that you can practice right now, use as often as you’d like, and share with family and friends. Here’s what you do: 

  1. Breathe in slowly through your nose to the silent count of four, then hold your breath to the count of four, and slowly exhale through your mouth to the count of four. Your stress hormones will settle down instead of firing up even more panic. Repeat a few times until you feel a bit calmer. Understand what you are seeking is a sense of relief so that your mind is open to the next step in this process.
  1. Bring to mind the outcome that you desire. Perhaps there is a specific amount of money that would bring great relief to you at this time. Imagine how it would feel if that money was in your bank account, and that even after paying the bills, there would be a delightful surplus of funds available to you. How would it feel? Did your shoulders just drop a little? Maybe you didn’t even realize how tensed you’ve been, and how tightly you’ve been holding your body. Shake your arms, wriggle around, signal your body and mind that change is coming. Keep that feeling of relief in your thoughts and bask in how wonderful it feels now the money stress has vanished.
  1. While holding that feeling of relief, and visualizing yourself smiling at your employees or coworkers and enjoying a few high-fives because you have turned a financial corner, consider an action step you can take in the next five minutes that will lead you toward your success. It might be making a phone call you’ve been putting off because it felt uncomfortable and you worried how the other person would react to you. Go do it now. Successful people make it a habit to do the things they know must be done, even when they don’t really want to do those things. They put the success of the business or project first, and step into the required action. That means, whatever is on your list that you’ve been avoiding even though you know it’s important, contains the seeds to the success and money freedom you desire. But nothing will happen if the bright ideas just stay on paper and never see the light of day. 

When you are stuck in a worry and stress mode, that zone of fear will keep you paralyzed. Use the three steps above, take an action, keep visualizing your success and feel it as being real. Think of what you want, not what you don’t want. That’s the key to changing your results.


Stop Trying to Control Every Outcome

Stop Trying to Control Every Outcome

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Most of us learned an upside down and backwards approach to life–we learned to look around us and pay attention to what everyone else is doing and saying, and then react to that.  We are now learning a much better way of living, from an inside-outward perspective, but it takes a commitment to your own happiness. Why? Because the training is so deeply ingrained in all of us to think the old way that it is habitual. We learn to set goals and work hard and keep our noses to the grindstone, and try our very best to force the results we want.

Here’s an easier and more delightful way: get very clear on what you want, align yourself with the feeling that it is already true in your life, and allow what you desire to flow into your life.

Yes of course it takes practice and persistence. But it is worth it–YOU are worth it. If you’re ready to start living a life that feels joyful and satisfying, learn the 5 steps for your quantum leap in my book YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Start Life in Your Quantum Kitchen.


Is Something Missing in Your Life?

Is Something Missing in Your Life?

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If you’ve ever woken up and groaned softly to yourself, thinking not-so-kindly about the day ahead, then there’s something important missing in your life–and I think I know what it is…

Passion for your own journey!

If your thoughts revolve around the household, the job, the family’s needs…the chores to be done, the errands to be run, the schedules to be kept as orderly and organized as possible–then you are missing out on the key ingredient of a joyful life. Passion.

Yes, that’s the missing link for many people, because from early childhood most of us were taught things like “Be practical,” “Think it through before you make a decision,” and even things like “What will the neighbors think if you do that?”

If you learned to play it safe, I’ve got good news for you: you  can ditch the old rule book starting today, and begin truly living a life that is bursting with satisfaction, fulfillment, and personal growth. Why is growth important? Because without it, you’ll stay stuck and the only thing in the world that doesn’t strive for growth is an old rock that’s stuck in the mud of a river bank.  Everything else around is is growing, striving to expand, to create more Life.

Parents, a special caution for you, because if you’re moaning and groaning about your life, what is the lesson you are teaching your children? Unfortunately, you’re modeling behavior that they’ll probably imitate later on, even if they make a conscious decision to do otherwise. Remember all the times when you were a teen and vowed “I’ll never be like my parents!” and then as you got older, married, started a family, those trigger points were hit like a hot button, and you reacted from your old training.

There are over 400 articles at my site, and lots of products and e-course programs I’ve created, so I hope you’ll look around and enjoy a new perspective on your life.

If you’re ready to start creating big quantum leaps in your life and zoom ahead to happier results, believe that you can do it. I know you can!


3 Steps to Stop Stressing Over Your Finances and Business Sales

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Do you find yourself stressing constantly about work? A lot of people do! And yet there is a way out of all that worry, anxiety and fretting. The key is deciding what MINDSET you want to have in charge of this area of your life. Do you want the same Mindset most people use as their default:  React, Worry, Feel Sick, Stab Wildly at a Task on Your List, Try Harder and Harder to Get Ahead, Feel Like a Loser, Start All Over Again…?
Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?
And yet, it’s pretty much what we were all trained to do starting early in childhood. What do I mean by “trained”? Well, it’s certainly not that we had specific lessons at school on how to be successful, how to think in an empowering way, how to come from within and access the One Mind that has all the answers to everything that ever was and ever will be (Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein and many others actually did learn to access the One Mind, and brought their ideas and inventions back to us to use in the physical realm.) The only difference between successful people and someone who is still yearning for a thriving business or a promotion at work, is that the successes of the world learn how to use the steps that truly do work to create change.
Back to the idea that we were trained to fail. It’s not that parents and teachers deliberately sat us down and said, “Here are the steps to take to stay safe, to blend with the crowd, to not stand out and draw too much attention to yourself” – but that was the inherent message passed down to them and their parents, going back thousands of years in history.  When we pick up on that Mindset of Safety from all the people around us while we are growing up, it can be very challenging to break free from that and succeed the way we yearn to do.
A Mindset is also known as a Paradigm. You may have come across that term before. Your Paradigm is similar to the operating system on your computer, whether you use a PC or a Mac. Nothing can run without that operating system (OS). Now, the human mind is far more complex and powerful than any OS, no matter what you might see in SciFi films or read in futuristic books where machines take over the world.
The problem with Mindset lies in our unawareness that it is there. We go through life almost like zombies, simply reacting to circumstances and conditions around us. Someone acts like a jerk, and unless you are aware and make mindful choices, you’ll automatically react with anger, annoyance and irritation, in a reflexive reaction that takes no thought at all.
To be truly free in life and enjoy all the abundance, prosperity, business and career success, and thriving relationships at work and home, it requires that you wake up your sleeping mind!
You’ve probably heard from many sources a variation of the quote “We become what we think about.” It’s in the Bible, it’s in Emerson’s essays, it’s throughout our literature and yet… it’s as if we repeat the words like a parrot and don’t bother going any deeper. If we truly grasped the meaning of the concept — we become what we think about — we’d catch ourselves and change our thoughts when we say in what I call “self-chat” defeating phrases like “I’ll never get ahead,” “This job is way outside my pay grade,” “There’s a glass ceiling and the sooner I admit it, the better off I’ll be.”
What kind of self-sabotaging thoughts do you secretly have? I say “secretly” not because you are trying to keep them private — but because they are hidden from you!
You can learn more on creating success in all areas of your life by diving into the insights and action steps offered in my book “YOU WERE BORN TO TRIUMPH: Create a Five-Star Life in Your Quantum Kitchen.”  It’s available in hardcover, paperback and ebook format at various booksellers, or click the book cover image below to purchase it at  You’ll see I have written many other books to help you reduce your stress, heal your heartache and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

P. S.  The rest of this article is a Guest Blog courtesy of Lisa Sasevich. Check out her free gift offer below.
Plan Your Business Like a 7-Figure CEO  by Lisa Sasevich


Recently, a member of my Sales Authenticity and Success Mastermind asked me about my planning process. How do I decide what my business priorities will be? What mindset do I employ?

Since fall is the perfect time for you to start planning your own six- or seven-figure business for the coming year, I thought I’d share with you what I told her:

1. Listen, Act, Trust.

This is my mantra, which I practice all year long. To begin your own planning process, start with listening. Lessons and messages are everywhere, so you want to notice what things keep showing up. Do you keep ending up in a certain market segment or with certain partners, or are your clients asking you for certain things? Can you feel your Trusted Source pulling or pushing you in a certain direction over and over? Listen to that and consider if those messages are pointing the way for your business. You know what they say: If you don’t listen to the taps, you could be asking for the 2×4!

2. What would you love to NOT do anymore?

What do you want to let go of in your business? Or, maybe you like everything you do, but you know you can’t keep adding to your plate without taking something off. Therefore, what could you let go of that you could make up the loss of in other ways? For instance, if you decided that JV and affiliate partnerships weren’t a perfect fit for you anymore, you might make up the loss of the leads through doing a telesummit, podcast or Facebook ads.

3. Use the four Irresistible Offer Litmus Test Questions.

And, finally, to create a very solid foundation for a six- or seven-figure business that serves you as well as your clients, apply the same litmus test to your planning process that you used to design your Irresistible Offer. Those four questions are:

• What is the transformation you want to offer? Even if you’ve had a successful business for years, you’re always evolving and growing, so take the time to look at what’s in your heart. What is the transformation you most want to offer and work on now? In many cases it’s a slight upleveling from the year before, which encompasses what you have already built.

• How would you deliver that transformation? Now that you know what transformation you are committed to providing, you can take a look at how you would deliver it. Most people make the mistake of thinking about delivery first. But putting the transformation first is the key to serving more people and making your sales conversion machine a profit- and difference-making machine. So do you want to be doing live speaking and events? Or has your life come to a place where you want to minimize being on the road so you would prefer a more virtual model. Maybe teleseminars and webinars. Or maybe you want a hybrid, like our model. In any case, you want to take two things into account here: your lifestyle and which delivery model best serves the transformation you are working to provide.

• Is it leveraged? There are only so many hours in a day, so to get to the six- or seven-figure level while still leading a balanced life you’re going to love, you need to be working with more than one person at a time. Will the delivery model you chose above allow for that?

• Do I love it? This is key. You want to be doing what you love, standing on your own dime, not fulfilling somebody else’s idea of what you should do. So even if the signs seem to be pointing in a particular direction, if you don’t love it, don’t go there. And this is important for the delivery model you chose too. If you’re tired of being alone behind your computer, maybe it’s time to build in speaking and some live events or workshops.

BONUS: Give yourself some space.

Don’t try to plan a big future on a sticky note. Use a wall poster. Get everything off your desk. Give yourself actual, physical space to plan the business and life of your dreams.

If your dream business relies on speaking and sales, there’s no better preparation than our Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp. And that’s why I’m offering you the chance to join me BACKSTAGE next weekend at no cost to you. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at our live event in Tampa, and learn my secrets for crafting your Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer PLUS I’ll also give you a peek at my “7-Figure Work From Home Blueprint.”

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See Lisa’s The Invisible Close Blog for more tips, tools, and strategies to help you get results without being salesy.

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