I Believe in You

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Have you ever wished for someone in your life who completely and unconditionally believed in you? Someone, who, no matter what bright idea you had or what you had done that wasn’t your best, always had your back? Always smiled and saw the “real” you who is capable of so much?

Most people never have that kind of relationship with anyone. We live in a society that rewards snide remarks and cutting comments with a laugh track on TV sitcoms. Where one-upping someone by being nasty, rude, or curt in return is considered an acceptable way to put people in their place and not let them walk all over you.

The person who comes to my mind as someone who always believed in me and thought I was just great no matter what I was up to over the years, was my Aunt Anne–my mother’s sister.  Now, Anne has been gone many years, but I have a wonderful memory bank overflowing with all the times she was supportive. I didn’t see her very often, because we never lived in the same state, let alone the same city, but despite the lack of e-mail and texting back then, we managed to have a very special relationship. Perhaps it was actually helped by that “distance” in that she wasn’t my parent, or someone so closely involved in my daily life that she couldn’t remain objective. Often we need that clear eye of someone who loves us, cares about us, wants us to be happy and healthy.

A specific incident with my aunt was many years ago, at my brother’s funeral. My family was living in Texas (where I was born) and she flew from Utah to be with us after he died. During the funeral mass, I happened to be standing next to her, on her left-hand side in the church pew. As if it was just moments ago, I can feel the pressure of my little hand in hers as I clung to her for strength.  Flash-forward at least 40 years, and she commented one time during a Thanksgiving dinner when several family members had gathered from various states to be together, and she said to me and my three older sisters that she recalled the funeral and that one of us had squeezed her hand so tight that she knew it was really important not to let go.  I admitted that hand-squeezer had been nine-year-old me.  She had been a lifeline for me during that hard time, and continued to be someone who believed in me completely, up until the moment of her own death many years later just before the turn of the century into 2000.

In case you don’t have someone like that in your own life–someone who never raises their voice, never criticizes, condemns, mocks or undermines you–I want you to know that I am here for you. I see greatness in you. I know that you came here with a huge purpose in your heart and soul: to create more love, joy, and expansion in the world by thinking up ideas and then bringing them into reality with the incredible power of your emotionalized thoughts.

with love,


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3 Ways to Control Your Stress Level

3 Ways to Control Your Stress Level

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One of the worst things about being stressed-out is feeling overwhelmed and at a loss how to make any difference. Your situation may feel hopeless, as if you’re surrounded by enemy fire. It feels like “they” are deliberately attacking you for no good reason, and you can’t even find any decent weapons to defend yourself. You might as well be naked in front of a firing squad.

So many problems are screaming for attention that you want to run back to bed and pull the covers over your head and wait, cowering, for the cease-fire to finally come.

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Stress Relief for Sandy Victims [Podcast #002]

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