Being Right Can Keep You Unhappy

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Do you love to be “right”?

If you feel out of sync with others, maybe you need to go with the flow and give up the idea of being “right” all the time.

It doesn’t mean you start lying, and say something you don’t believe. You don’t have to take the opposite point of view. What I’m talking about is knowing that you are right about something… and simply letting it go instead of trying to convince the other person.

Life runs a lot more smoothly when you let others have their own opinion.

Again, it doesn’t mean that you start being false to yourself and your viewpoint. If someone makes a statement that’s totally opposite to what you believe, and you are 100% positive that you are right and they are wrong… you will find a whole lot more peace of mind and enjoyment of life if you smile and say “Maybe you’re right.”  Or “Let’s agree to disagree on this topic.”

One of the first principles to grasp in a new life of happiness and stress-free living is to let go of that need to be right all the time. It doesn’t really matter, does it? We learn in childhood that it is very important (and a superior position) to be the one who is “right” about something, or to have the right answers. But frankly, in most areas of life, particularly in relationships, being right is rarely useful to us!  It’s counter-productive.  In fact, being “right” more often than not leads to hurt feelings, anger, resentments, envy and a nagging feeling inside that things just aren’t fair.

Try it today. Let go of being right, and see how much easier your day goes.

your happiness guru,


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