Be-Happier Tip: work what you love

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You may have heard the advice a thousand times — be sure to love the work that you do.

That might seem impractical if you are too scared to quit your job and strike out on your own in a new career. After all, you are probably grateful that you do have a job, when so many are unemployed and still seeking work.

So does being practical about paying your bills mean that you are stuck, and must continue at a job that you hate? If it doesn’t give you anything in return for your hours except a paycheck, you might want to ask yourself why you endure all that stress — yes, it’s highly stressful to hate what you are doing. That attitude means you end up hating yourself as well, as an extension of despising the job. You feel disgusted with yourself for not being able to have a job you love.

Maybe it seems like you only have two choices:
A. Keep sucking it up and hating the job you have, but remind yourself at least it’s a paycheck
B. Take a huge risk — quit your job and go in search of one that makes you happy

But here’s the good news — you have a third choice!
C. Discover things to love about the job you already have.

Here’s how you can do that: sit with your journal or a computer document and write about your job. Write your feelings about going to work, how you feel during the day, what goes through your mind as you leave work and head home. If you work a Monday-Friday job, do you start stressing out on Sunday evening, like a kid nervous to go to school the next morning after enjoying the weekend off? Are there people you enjoy at work, or do you end up hanging out with others who are disgruntled and complain all the time about hating their job?

Now that you’ve identified some of your feelings and behavior, search for things to “love” about your work. Maybe you are in sales, and you can make a list of all the ways you help people by providing products and services that are useful or enjoyable to others.

Find ways to combine loving what you do with the job you have, and your life will instantly be less stressful. Guaranteed. If you start feeling like hating your job, remind yourself of these positive points, and put your energy into working what you love about it.

your happiness guru,
Evelyn Brooks

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