Be-Happier Tip: stop stressing over money

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I took an informal survey to find out what most people are stressed about these days — and it’s no surprise to me that the #1 answer is MONEY!

People worry how they are going to pay the bills, how they will afford their kids’ education or their own retirement, how they will build their savings back up after a decline, and in general how on earth to continue the lifestyle they enjoy when the money just isn’t there anymore.

Whether it’s through job loss, stock market downturns, housing problems, or just plain old fashioned tight cash flow and empty wallet, the subject of money is right at the top of most people’s stress list!

And you already know what I think about chronic stress — it’s a killer! (If you don’t know that, read my stress management book FORGET YOUR TROUBLES: ENJOY YOUR LIFE TODAY – get it at or download the ebook here )

Here’s some good news for you — a friend of mine teaches people how to set money goals and create a vision of your financial future.  Do you  have anyone you can talk to about your ideas, attitudes and behaviors around money? It’s really important that you do, because otherwise what happens is you complain to friends who are complaining to you — and that means you all spin in circles instead of coming up with good solutions.

Check out America’s Money Expert, Loral Langemeier. She is a pioneer in the financial mentoring world and has guided thousands of people in getting rid of their negative restrictive, anxious, behaviors about money.

Here’s your invitation to join her upcoming free Virtual Event on May 16th, where she’ll teach you how to get in the “Money Mindset.”  Learn how to create your abundant affirmations with Loral.

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Loral’s Live Virtual Event

Monday, May 16, 2011
4:00pm – 5:00pm (US Pacific Time)

Stop looking at your circumstances and your bank balance, and learn how simple it is to implement her strategies to making an extra $500 – $1000 a month!

When you sit around worrying, all you do is stay stuck in a negative zone of fear. So take an action and now and register for Loral’s special event.

to your happiness and success,


P.S.   This is a live virtual event that Loral will stream online, so you can join from anywhere in the world!

It won’t cost anything but an hour of your time.


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