Be-Happier Tip: stop apologizing!

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This holiday season give yourself a special gift. Stop saying “I’m sorry” automatically whenever you think it will smooth things over, even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

Apologizing all the time is the hallmark of codependent women — if you are one, you probably know it already, perhaps from reading books by Melody Beattie on the subject.

But maybe you don’t realize that your behavior isn’t healthy. You feel that it helps keep the peace if you quickly leap in to take the blame so that the angry man (change gender if female is applicable to your situation) in your life won’t blow up. You spend so much energy watching his behavior ALL THE TIME!  You barely have energy for your own life, your own hopes and dreams, because you devote your major thinking time to anticipating his needs and his reactions.

Give yourself the gift of relaxing and saying, “Oh, you’re probably right” instead of trying so hard to control someone else’s behavior.

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