Be-Happier Tip: stop and smell the weeds

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You’ve probably heard it before, the advice to “stop and smell the roses.” But why only roses? What about all the other things going on in your life that might not be as pretty or sweet as a rose?

Too often, we can get stressed out thinking that life should be all about finding perfection, and getting the best that’s possible. Many are discontented because they drive an older car or they can’t afford to get the newest styles that are advertised in magazines and promoted in the stores. They look with envy at those who have “more” and as a result feel totally stressed and unhappy.

So take a few moments and look at your “weeds” – those things in your life that you feel don’t quite measure up. Maybe they are better than you think!  Did you ever notice that a dandelion blossom is actually a very pretty little yellow flower, quite similar to the gazanias that are sold in nursery centers? But since dandelions spread easily — all those puffy balls of seeds you see on lawns — we call them weeds.

What do you under-appreciate in your life? Is it a relationship? Is it a houseful of goods that you have grown tired of because they aren’t brand new anymore?

The other day, a neighbor’s house caught fire and in a very rapid blaze, half of the house was destroyed. Do you want to bet whether they would like to have back their old living room furniture, just the way it was? Of course they do.

Feeling happy about what you have doesn’t mean you lose motivation to reach your goals. In fact, it does the opposite, because you free up all that energy that went toward grousing about your life.

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

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