Be-Happier Tip: Pick Yourself Up and Start Over

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Here’s what happens to a lot of people who are chronically stressed: something “bad” happens and they start looking for even more bad to happen next. They predict that  the rest of the day — the week — the month — the year — or even the rest of their life! — will be hard and unhappy.

Without meaning to, they allow that single inciting incident — that first “bad” thing that happened such as an unexpected car repair — to send them on a downward spiral.

The problem that is inherent in this type of learned thinking which most if not all of us did pick up from adults when we were growing up — as we heard their cautions about not spending too much, not being too big for your britches, learning to be careful and being told it’s better to be safe than sorry — is that it means our thoughts can easily get stuck in the mud.

Instead, when you realize your mood is getting dark and your feelings are diving down toward upset, overwhelm or even depression, stop and make a resolution to yourself that you will find a positive action to take and you will continue to work toward your goals.  Let this old song give you a boost in the right direction — the lyrics include motivation such as “When your chin is on the ground, pick yourself up, dust yourself off — start all over again!”

Enjoy the video – and have a super weekend!

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks


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