Be-Happier Tip: letting go

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One of the hardest things in life can be letting go of something you really want but can’t have, for a variety of reasons. It might be giving up a dream that you realize you cannot achieve, and so the smart move is shifting your energy into another direction that is more within your grasp.  It could be letting go of a friendship or other relationship that has run its course, and now both of you need to move on.  And it can also be the sad occasions when we must say goodbye to loved ones and companion pets.

Whatever you are facing, realize that letting go is a liberating exercise that allows you to keep all that was good about the situation, and release yourself from the pain of regrets or sorrow.

One of the hardest things is saying goodbye when we don’t want to, but that is a part of our journey here, and it’s often helpful to remember that you always have yourself to rely on because you alone are the one person who will be with you for your entire lifetime, start to finish. Everyone else you meet along the way will only be walking the same path with you for a time, not for the whole journey.  Learn more about being your own best friend in my stress management bestseller, Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today — get instant access to the ebook by clicking here

Take good care of yourself and be well.


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