Be-Happier Tip: Inspire someone!

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A quick — realllly quick — way to feel happier is to help somebody else!

Here are 4 ways you can do this:

  1. Give someone a compliment! It’s totally free for you to do, but it will make the other person feel like a million bucks. The secret is to make sure you are being sincere. If you think to yourself that the other person looks horrible in that outfit, but you compliment them on it because it’s an easy thing to say… guess what? Your insincerity will shine right through and no one will feel good about this. Instead, if you are not sure what to say, compliment their smile or say they look so nice today in that color. Pick something you can say and mean it.
  2. If you’re not already on Twitter, go sign up! It’s free and you can quickly gain followers by letting your friends know your user name, and by “re-tweeting” other people’s shares so that they and their followers will become familiar with your name. Participate by following others so you have something to retweet!  You can learn all about it at — I’m suggesting this because a very simple and fast way to inspire other people is to Tweet with favorite proverbs or quotations that you like. So easy – now go and try it.  Btw, if you’re not already following me, go to and then click on “follow” so you can get my Tweets!
  3. When you are at work, school or community events, don’t stand around waiting for others to come up to you and say hello. Be the one who is willing to make others more comfortable. Even if you are shy, you can do this! Just speak up and say “Hi, there! Good to see you.”  Don’t worry about having to carry a big conversation, just smile and think about the other person instead of yourself. Get them talking about how their day is going, and you won’t have to worry about being shy anymore.
  4. Do an anonymous good deed at least a few times a week, every day if possible but the point isn’t to start score keeping or making yourself feel like you’ve got yet another burden to take care of. This can become a habit very easily, so that you will find yourself spotting ways to do “good deeds” — such as at the grocery store parking lot, instead of grumbling to yourself that someone left a cart loose in the lot, take 30 seconds out of your life to push the cart back to the store or into one of those corrals many stores have in the parking area.  When you see litter, pick it up and put it in a trash basket. If you see a neighbor has a lot of old newspapers in their driveway, assume they are out of town and forgot to stop the delivery — just toss the papers over the back fence so that you are not throwing away something that is theirs, but you’re getting it out of sight. The neighborhood will look better and their house will be safer if it doesn’t look so obviously unoccupied.

As you stretch yourself to inspire others, you will find lots of small ways you can do this. Be someone who is adding to the positive value of life instead of joining in with the litterbugs, complainers and lazy people. You can make a difference, and you’ll feel happier at the same time.

to your happiness,

Evelyn Brooks

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