Be-Happier Tip: Follow Your Dream and read my new book

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Today I’m going to suggest you do what I have done: select a goal that looks almost impossible to achieve, and yet you know in your heart that YOU are the one who is meant to do this! You feel totally compelled toward that goal as if magnetized. Tell the universe “this idea is MINE!” and then start your action steps that will indeed claim it as yours.

My novel “The Dream Spinners” is the culmination of many years of hard work, crafting a story that I wrote with the intention of helping others understand that we are not here for a joy ride, to grab material things, amass money for the sake of money, and then at some point we die.  Instead, each and every one of us made a CHOICE while we were still in the spiritual realm — a deliberate choice to take on a physical form and inhabit the Earth in a human body.

We’re here on a journey — a temporary one!  At the end of our journey, we go back home, just like we do when we go on a vacation and explore a different city or region.

As Gabriella, a spirit guide in “The Dream Spinners” explains to the teenage boy who has just died and wants to send messages to his mother, “When you are born, the date of your return here [the non-physical realm] is not known yet, but it is always a round trip ticket.”

I hope you enjoy my new novel, and please leave a review on Amazon to help me spread the word.



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