Be-Happier Tip: find what makes you happy

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Here’s how you can get started with your list:

  • sit with a pad and pen and simply let yourself daydream about all the things you want
  • write down the ideas that come to you
  • search for ways to incorporate these things in your life today, perhaps in a modified form (For example: if an old dream was to be a baseball player but it’s impractical now due to your age and job etc, then go to a ball game, or get involved with the Little League teams in your area as a fan or coach!)
  • remind yourself that what you put out there, you will also attract

Enjoy this video (below) and remember that LOVE means all kinds of love, not just romantic. You can love your neighbor, your friends, your pets, your family members. Don’t get hung up on regrets over a love affair or romance that is over. Be a loving person and you will ATTRACT love to yourself.

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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