Be-Happier Tip: exercise your options to de-stress

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Feeling stressed out?  Often what happens is that your exercise program is the first thing to get put aside. After all, you are probably stressed because you feel overwhelmed by so much that needs to be done. And taking time for the gym or an exercise regimen at home can seem like something easy to put off.

Then another day comes, and you put it off again, and pretty soon you’re really out of the habit of daily exercise and it feels like too much work!

But our bodies are machines, and they need to be maintained properly in order to function at a high level. The ironic thing is that you are stressing yourself even more by giving up the workouts.

So get back into exercising, even if all you feel you have time for is a 10 minute stretch. Your body will thank you. Your mood will improve. You’ll be energized to get back to your work.  So really, all around it’s a win-win for YOU and you will reduce your stress load at the same time.

Are you crunched for time to exercise your stress away? — check this out from my friends at the 10 Minute Man —

your happiness guru,
Evelyn Brooks

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