Be-Happier Tip: enjoy yourself!

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No matter what you are up to, a big part of feeling stressed comes from resenting what you are doing.

Quick solution: find something to ENJOY about everything possible in your life.  Now, if you’re scrubbing the toilet it might seem impossible to “enjoy” it, but you can hold an image in your mind of a fresh clean home and enjoy that while you do the chores.

It’s all about shifting your attitude so that instead of focusing on the negative, on the drudgery and on the unpleasant tasks in life, you make a commitment to yourself to always look on the bright side and seek out something positive and enjoyable.  Be “In” the “Joy” and you will enjoy your life more.

I’m flying to NYC tomorrow. Taking a few days off to spend with family. And I will definitely ENJOY the trip, even if there are delays or grumpy people along the way.

to your happiness,


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