Be-Happier Tip: Don't Die With The Music Still In You

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When Andy died shortly before his 16th birthday, his mom gave up her dreams of being an astronaut… but then, in the after-life, Andy learned from his spiritual guides how to be a “Dream Spinner” and send inspiring messages to his mother.

As a result of these seeming coincidences, her life path intersected with her old college sweetheart, she got back on track with NASA, and even learned to forgive the young actress who was driving while distracted the day that Andy was struck and killed.

My newest novel “The Dream Spinners” tells the story of Andy, his mom Jemma, her sweetheart Mike, and the actress Marybeth.  And you’ll also meet individuals in the after-life. This book is part of my new series called “Karmageddon Novels” in which you’ll painlessly learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and other universal laws in your own life.

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