Be-Happier Tip: be a kid again

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If you feel stressed, you can find quick relief by recapturing your youth — not by getting a Botox treatment, but by remembering the things you enjoy doing just for fun.

This means you DON’T look at your To Do List for inspiration.  Instead, think back to the simple things you did as a kid when you had free time.

Or maybe you feel you were deprived of a great childhood and you are resisting this idea, with the excuse that you never did much of anything that was “for fun.”  Perhaps your folks made you practice piano or violin when the other kids were playing ball. Or you had a lot of chores to help around the house and play time was not encouraged. Maybe your family didn’t let you join the scouts. Or go to certain functions that your friends were going to because funds were tight. There could be a whole host of reasons why you don’t have a lot of great memories from childhood.

Guess what? The longer you look at a list of excuses, the longer you will feel stressed, unhappy and discontented with your life.

So get thinking. What are some quick and easy things you can do to have fun and relax? Go outside for a walk and simply enjoy the time strolling along, being alive.  Get a bottle and wand to blow bubbles.  Chew bubble gum and see how big you can blow a bubble with the gum.  Jump rope. Skip down the sidewalk. Laugh!

Relaxing doesn’t have to be a big expensive task on your list. It’s usually quite easy. Watch old comedy movies like the Marx Brothers, and put your “critic” mind on the shelf. Let the slapstick and mayhem capture your attention and have fun!

Enjoy your weekend. And let me know what you decided to do for fun.


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