Be-Happier Tip: Advance Confidently

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This time of year, we are especially prone to a lot of hurry and rush, and indecision and worry often tag along with that mode.

It can be easy to feel that it must be normal to question yourself, to fret about whether you’ve got the right goals, or maybe you should change direction midstream in your career or relationship.

Henry David Thoroeau presents us with the timeless gift of being confident and self-assured:  after spending over 2 years at Walden Pond, he suggests that if we would only advance confidently in the direction of our dreams, then the Universe responds by drawing toward us all that we need.

So, this season, make a commitment to yourself that you will shrug off your stress and worries, and instead breathe in deeply and slowly… understand that the power that creates worlds flows through you (Thank you, Abraham, for that insight) and then… ADVANCE CONFIDENTLY knowing that what you think about and envision will come to pass.

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