Be careful what you ask for

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Although at the moment it feels like absolutely nothing has gone right today, it’s time to take a quick break and stay grateful for the things that DO go right.   In frustration after several computer malfunctions today, I asked fervently:  Can’t at least SOMETHING work right for me? Just ONE THING????

So then… the can opener worked when I needed to feed my dogs. I did not fall down the stairs. My electricity is on. The earth is still orbiting the sun. So, some stuff is still okay.  And to be honest, most things are working that should be. Just not always at the pace I’d like them to.

But the perception can get gray quickly, can’t it, when one or two things go wrong?

What’s not going right — despite rebooting from some other computer slowness and glitch type issues,  I can’t access one of my web sites to make some necessary changes – my FTP login isn’t working and the support help line for my domain host closed five minutes ago.  But, it’s not an emergency and although it’s frustrating, it will have to wait until tomorrow to find out why my user login info was apparently changed by someone.

I am very tempted to show my computer a photo taken of me a few months ago, wielding a sledge hammer against a concrete planter that I always disliked. But, hey, why be mean and cruel? I’ve got a new computer on order and this one will be retiring soon so I’ll do my best not to make it feel bad in its final hours of useful (or not so useful) employment.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Aileen Wisk

March 30, 2010

Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

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