Are you on info overload?

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Everywhere I look online, I see people sharing about how totally overwhelmed they feel! Are you in this boat? Are you…

  • trying to run an online business?
  • learning how to use social media to promote yourself?
  • reading all the blog posts, forums and articles in your niche to keep up with what everybody else is doing?
  • creating products, books, e-books, articles, audio courses, podcasts, etc?
  • figuring out which software you need and then learning how to use it?
  • catching up on a mountain of emails, with tons of subject lines that scream urgent warnings that you had better hurry up and attend this newest seminar or buy this new program?
  • this list goes on and on, and I’m sure you can add more!

The result is info overload and STRESS!

Although I can’t tell you how to run your life, I can suggest sweetly that you take a look at how you are spending each waking hour before you burn out.

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