Are you happy?

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Most people get used to going through life looking at their lists and racing from one task to the next. Rarely do we take time to actually enjoy life unless it’s the weekend, a special occasion or a vacation.

My mission is to help everyone see that it’s possible to enjoy every day of your life. Of course there will be times that are sad, or upsetting for one reason or another. I don’t expect you to skip along heedless of the reality going on around you.

But if you are tired of secretly feeling “Is that all there is to life?” then you need a crash makeover! Check out my new Zap Your Stress home study program. I really think you’ll like it, and it’s all digital so you can download and have access to the action guides and audio podcasts even if it’s 3am where you are! Learn more at

your happiness guru,

Evelyn Brooks

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