Are you a wounded soul?

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The walking wounded are all around us, and maybe you’re one of them.

The kind of “wounds” I’m talking about are the hidden ones, the hurts and troubles that you still carry. Many of these wounds are ones you’ve been carrying for many years, since childhood. Old grief that was never dealt with properly. Sarcastic comments from someone you thought loved you — did you know the word “sarcasm” comes from the Greek word meaning “to tear flesh”?  Not a pleasant image, is it? And yet how often does sarcasm play a role in your life?  People say hurtful things and instead of dismissing the comments as being unworthy of your attention, you internalize them. The hurtful words become a part of your identity, and you trudge through life believing them.

It’s time to start fresh! You don’t have to remain wounded unless you want to. Does that sound unfair or harsh? Instead, see it as an amazing revelation!  You can liberate yourself from all your old feelings of negativity and lack.

Start here: turn each negative or sarcastic comment around so that it is a positive affirmation.

Learn more in my book “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today”.  I tell you how to dump your old wounds and start healing.

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