9 Quick Steps to Dump Your Stress

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For long term relief, you need to look at WHY you are so stressed, harried, anxious and overwhelmed. But for FAST relief — do this:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Exhale hard
  3. Inhale slowly
  4. Imagine that you have a “main drain” like a bathtub drain – an easy place to imagine is that it is your belly button and it’s plugged
  5. Mentally pull the PLUG!
  6. Visualize all your stress and upset pouring out your belly button and vanishing like bubbles in the air
  7. Quietly breathe in… and out… keeping your thoughts still
  8. Put the plug back in your belly button so your brains don’t end up falling out
  9. SMILE!

The whole exercise takes only about 3 minutes – or less!  Get in the habit of doing this each time you feel stressed. Realize that you are the one in complete and ultimate control over your state of mind. You don’t have to be stressed. But it does happen, and now you have a secret way to dump that stressful feeling and get on with your life. You’ll feel refreshed after doing the exercise, and have more mental clarity to see the solutions available to you.

Let me know how my 3-Minute Stress Buster exercise worked for you!

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