4th quarter goal setting to reduce stress

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You may have noticed we’re in the fourth quarter and October is more than  half over. We’ve got less than 2 1/2 months until the calendar rolls over to 2011.

Are their specific goals that you hoped to reach in 2010, that you haven’t met yet? Is there something special that would feel good to accomplish this year, and know that you didn’t procrastinate on your dreams yet another year?

What’s stopping you from doing it?

Take a look at how much time you manage to find in your day when it comes to chatting in social media, watching television or other activities that seem like they are an important part of your day, but actually suck a lot of valuable time from your life. You don’t have to quit everything like that cold turkey — but see what would happen if you carved a free hour for yourself every day for your dream project.
Setting goals like this make us feel good about ourselves.

And when you’re feeling good about “you”… you don’t feel stressed.

Simple, right?

Now get to it.

your happiness guru,


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