Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache

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Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache

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It’s easy to get “stuck” in heartache, and not know the way out.

Maybe it’s an old lingering pain about a relationship that you are still sad about, or a friend or loved one’s passing.  Sometimes it can be a vague sense of sadness or discouragement that life is just too hard to bear.

I can help you with this!

You might have hesitated to try transformational life coaching such as I offer, because you feel that you won’t be able to concentrate because of all the confused thoughts caused by your broken heart.

So… here’s a quick step in the right direction:  sign up now for my no-charge 1-hour coaching call. I’ll give you three steps you can start taking right now to ease your pain, and for those who are ready to keep going and learn how to really master your old heartache so you can move forward, I’ll offer an opportunity to study with me for an intensive 4-week online coaching program.

During the free conference call on Friday, you’ll have an opportunity to ask a coaching question, and I’ll answer as many as the time allows!

“Three Magical Steps to Heal Heartache”

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: no charge

Free Replay Available:  YES!


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